Activ yeast

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

One of these environmentally friendly methods is the use of active yeast as products for spraying and watering vegetables, fruits and other plants, including potted plants grown at home

. Yeast stimulates plant growth, protects against fungal diseases, strengthens the root system, and also limits the presence of unfavorable microbes that lead to diseases of the root system.

  • belok
    Valuable source of plant nutrition
  • vitamin
    Contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • volos
    Stimulate plant growth, strengthen the root system
  • tox
    Limits the presence of unfavorable microbes
  • icro
    Great alternative to fertilizers
  • Imun
    Protect plants from fungal diseases





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Application areas:

  • cvetok
  • cvetok
    Mushroom growing
  • cvetok
    Vegetable growing and Melon growing
  • cvetok
    Horticulture and viticulture
  • cvetok
    Seeding cultivation
  • cvetok
    Seed production

Application guide:

To prepare the solution, it is enough to use 30 g of dry active yeast

and 10 liters of warm water. Mix everything thoroughly and leave for about 60 minutes.

The solution does not require dilution and is suitable for use after

the time indicated above. Long term use is recommended for best results.



100 gr. dry active yeast and 2 tablespoons of sugar dissolve in a ten-liter container with warm water. Let wander no more than two or three hours. Mix a solution of 1 to 5 with clean water. Consumption rate - 500 ml per 1 bush. Apply three times: after transplanting seedlings into the ground, after rooting and before flowering.


10 gr. of dry yeast dilute in a liter of water, add an additional 50 grams of sugar. Leave for a couple of hours. Add another 9 liters of water. Let it brew for a few more hours. Dilute 1 to 5 and feed, spray plants.


Mix 100 g of active yeast, 10 liters of water, half a liter of ash infusion, the same amount of infusion of chicken manure and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Mix the stock solution 1 to 5 with clean water. Consumption rate - 2 liters per 1 bush.


Mix 100 g of active yeast in 5 liters of water. Insist for a day. Norm of preparation of the solution: 0.5 l of starter per 7 l of water. Consumption rate - 0.5 liters per 1 bush.


Mix 5 l of water, 100 g of dry active yeast, 2500 ml of chicken manure infusion, 2500 ml of ash infusion and 100 g of sugar. The solution is enough for 30 plants.


Mix 3 liters of water, 50 g of dry active yeast and 100 g of granulated sugar. Insist 5-7 days. To prepare a working solution, mix a glass of the resulting dough and 10 liters of water. Fertilize three times throughout the season.